Inner demons are dangerous.They feed on your insecurities, and their appetite is infinite.They can eat you alive from the inside out, and consume you in entirety. I’ve always acknowledged their existence, but all alone in my room I now have to confront them. It’s the first time I’ve ever looked them in the eyes. Each one is more hideous than the last, and all are competing to take me down. They are a part of me, but do they represent who I am? Their presence suggests I am crazy, their number suggest I am inhuman, and their expressions suggest I am evil. It’s defeating to look at them all at once, and see their determined stances. It’s alarming to know I’ve harbored  them all, and nurtured them to imperfection.  They have been hibernating during my happiness, gathering potential energy, now at my darkest time they’ve awoke and are blissfully rested. I try to will them back to hibernation but they do not obey. They are wide a wake and pulsating with energy. I take a step towards my door, but one of them blocks it. Another steps forward and knocks me to the ground. I am paralyzed. They all look bigger from down here.They begin walking, enclosing me. Each step they take sucks oxygen out of the air. I gasp and close my eyes. If I die I don’t want these beast to be the last things I see. Oxygen is fleeting, making each breath a struggle. What will they do once they have me? I no longer have the energy to gasp. I feel myself slipping away. I am floating in darkness. My muscles relax and I am enveloped in peace. There are no demons here, nothing can hurt me. I float deeper into the dark abyss. The blackness soothes me. Something disturbs my serenity; a mumble of a sound.  I concentrate and listen harder. Sounds like a person, maybe a woman,but who? Who is interrupting my bliss? I try to focus on the darkness but the sound beckons me. It grows louder. I can feel my world shaking.  My darkness is stabbed with harsh beam of white light. The brightness shatters my world, and the sound consumes me. I am no longer floating, I am falling. My eyes shoot open and I inhale deeply. The ceiling greets me. I rotate my stiff neck, clearly I am not paralyzed. I sit up and realize the demons are gone. I don’t know when or if the monsters will be back, but I can’t think about that now. The sound is real. I walk to my door, there are no demons blocking it now. I twist and pull the knob and a smile climbs on my face. My mother’s laughter fills my room.