Confessions of a TV Addict

I am a TV Addict. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I sat in front of a TV. I watch everything on my laptop. Anyways, I am a TV addict and these are my confessions(cue Usher music):

  1. I get addicted to shows very easily, and I have no favorites. The list of shows I love is endless, naming them all would be a blog post in itself.
  2. I live vicariously through the characters.  I get attached, and I feel like I know them (Although I suppose that’s the writers’ intention). Also, I am interested in everything,but committed to nothing. TV allows me to dabble in all of my interest, whether its being a Manhattan doctor on The Mindy Project, or rich and famous on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
  3. I learn things while watching. Did you know you could corrupt a magnetic strip on a key card by pushing it against your smartphone screen? I like crime shows. Plus, Switched at Birth is teaching me sign language. I can, with full confidence, tell a deaf person that two hundred cupcakes is too many.
  4. I act like my favorite characters. Yes, I really am that lame. While in the shower, I sometimes pretend to save the world from terrorist attacks by channeling my inner Jack Bauer. Jack BauerOnce,I told my friend to watch Sherlock and she replied back “Yeah I’ve been watching it”.  I told her she’s lying and she jokingly said “Don’t assume the worst”. At this very moment, I became Sherlock Holmes. I texted back “I am not assuming anything. Sherlock is an amazing show, and knowing you, you would freak out while watching it and text or call me about how good it is. I received no such communication from you, so therefore you have not watched it. Obviously”(If you know anything about the Sherlock stories, you’d applaud my deduction).
  5. Sometimes I purposely avoid shows because I know I’ll be hooked. So many people have told me to watch The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad. I have no doubt those are amazing shows, but I am already addicted to so many. I can’t afford to be hooked on any others (I will watch them over summer break).
  6. I look for myself and my best friends in every show I watch. Who is Zoey, who is Lemon, and who is Anna Beth? If I am Zoey, then who is my Wade, who is my George Tucker, and who is my Joel? The hard questions of life.
  7. I get a rush when I start a new show. There is nothing like the feeling of starting an amazing new show and completely devouring it. Discovering The Carrie Diaries was like walking into a whole new world.  Who knew I liked the 80’s?
  8. I am an expert binge watcher. I flew through four seasons of The Vampire Diaries in roughly two weeks. I’d like to add the month was October, and I am a full time college student. That means there were no vacation breaks, and I had a ton of school work.
  9. The pain of waiting for a new episode or season is real. It physically hurts. Drop Dead Diva or The Originals anyone?
  10. I HATE SPOILERS. The fun is in the suspense. Cliff hanger endings are torture but I love the pain. I want to laugh with Ted, Lilly, Marshall, Barney, and Robbin again! And how did he meet the mother?!
  11. I have to pause because I get the feels. Watching a really good show messes with my emotions. Sometimes I have to hit pause in the middle of an episode and pace around my room because I can’t handle what I am seeing on the screen. I need a minute to adsorb it and let it sink in. When I saw Sherlock kiss a girl, I pointed at the screen, yelled “What the F***!”,and I kid you not, I literally ran around my house . Then I had to rewind and re-watch the moment until I was ready to move on. Its a process.  sherlock
  12. I am not a hater (In reference to confession 11). No, I don’t hate the girl he kissed. In fact I quite like Molly Hooper.I freaked out because Sherlock freaking Holmes just kissed a girl, and that is completely out of character. I don’t hate any characters, ever (for the most part). When the hot guy character finds love, I feel happy for him, as if he was real. Also I actually love the villain characters, there would be no show without them. Jim Moriarty may be a creep, but he is a genius.
  13. I have to watch behind the scenes and bloopers to convince myself its not real. I get so emotionally attached to the characters I sometimes forget its all acting. I have seen all the bloopers and “making of” videos that Youtube has to offer for Merlin, and I still can’t fathom King Arthur’s death. Of course then I look up the actors and become obsessed with their careers, and proceed to think of how I would react if I ever met them. “Oh Bradley James, didn’t see you there” (Don’t pretend like you’ve never done it). bts
  14. I feel the need to spread the love. Every time I watch a fantastic show, I have to tell everyone about it. The best feeling is when they actually watch the show and love it as much as me. I just got my friend to watch Modern Family and she is obsessed. Its almost as if I am starting a revolution. I feel powerful.
  15. Anyone who loves the shows I love needs to be my best friend. Bonding over a TV show is like no other bond. When  I hear someone say “I love that show too!” it make my heart flutter, and brings tears of joy to my eyes. Its equivalent to when a lover says “I love you too”.
  16. People who don’t like a show I like are insignificant.  In fact, I take it personally and get a little offended. However, after thinking it through I feel sorry for them. It’s not their fault they’re incompetent.
  17. I am a TV hipster. When I discover a show before it becomes popular, you best believe I am going to point out my phenomenal taste.
  18. When a good show slowly goes bad, its like watching a family pet die. Touch was so thought provoking and deep at first, but it became terminally ill.  New Girl used to be amazing (and you can hate me for this) but I think its time to put it down. 
  19. I wonder how the Hell the writers come up with these things. There are so many plot twist, and comedic one liners, sometimes I just sit in awe of the creators. What goes on in their heads? Such brilliance. The directors, cast and crew are not to be forgotten.  I can’t apprehend how talented these people have to be to produce such great content.
  20. When a good show ends, it’s painful.  Pan Am was under rated  and cancelled before it got a chance to take off. Meanwhile its hard to believe that Lost has found it’s peace. It’s difficult to accept, but all good things must come to an end.

Needless to say, I watch these shows alone in my room. Whether I am watching Mind Games on National Geographic, or Suits on USA I fully indulge. You know what? After these confessions, I don’t want to reform. I like being this way. I am a TV addict. So what? (Cue Pink song).


19 is the new 40


It’s 2014 Bitches! New year, new me! SYKE! Lets be real, i am not going to change much. Every year i make the resolution to get in shape, and every year i binge on ice cream while watching How I Met Your Mother. My only goal this year is to not die. I aim high, i know.  Why have I set the bar so high for myself you may ask. To find out, lets rewind to Christmas.  

Now i am not Christian, but a lot of people in America are, and as such i found myself at a Christmas party. I sat next to a random girl because all the other seats were taken. She was very young so I thought I would start conversation, as i hate sitting in silence. “What’s your name?” i asked followed by “How old are you?”. She is 10 years old.”How old are you?” she asked me. I tell her i am 19 and she responds with “Wow, you’re old!”. Now, my immediate thought was “BITCH, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!”, but I just laughed because, well, shes right.

This is my last year as a teen. I going to be 20 next year, actually this year. How the fuck did this happen? I am a sophomore in college and i still feel like I am in high school.  I secretly rock out to One Direction and watch Disney Channel with my 8 year old sister. Well, its not much of a secret to my close friends, but i don’t exactly brag about it. As a side note, i have some strong opinions on how Disney shows have gone down hill. I mean, a show about a dog that has a blog, really? Anyways, this Disney watching, One Direction singing girl is going to be 20. TWO. EN. TY!This baffles me. I went to the Christmas party hoping I would get presents (yes, that’s plural), and instead i got reality checked by a 10 year old girl. Merry Christmas to me.

I always  thought by 20 i would have a hot ass boyfriend, and rule the freaking world. Psh, I still live with my parents and right now i am just a loser on the internet.This blog has zero followers, that’s how much of a loser I am. Thinking about all this made me so depressed. That is why i have no resolutions this year. I was feeling too sorry for myself to make any.  Then I thought, “Fuck it”. And really, fuck all of it. Fuck getting old. Fuck student loans. Fuck everyone getting engaged at 23 (actually I am really happy for all of you guys), Fuck boys (literally, and if you’re into it, girls too). I just want to live. I wanted something more than just a new years resolution. I want something like a bucket list, so i made that instead. This way i have a lifetime to get these things done. So here it is.

My Life To Do List:

  1. Skydive in Dubai
  2. Scuba Dive/ Snorkel
  3. Cage Dive with Sharks
  4. Free Swim with Sharks
  5. Make out with a stranger
  6. Meet a celebrity
  7. Light a dandelion on fire
  8. Run “The Color Run”
  9. Do the “Warrior Dash”
  10. Go on a road trip
  11. Learn sign language
  12. Go to a fancy smancy party
  13. Put gum on the wall in Seattle
  14. Sing Karaoke
  15. Paint a house
  16. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
  17. Make a kick ass scrapbook
  18. Go to the lock gate in Paris
  19. Go on a date that ends at 4 am with out sleeping with him
  20. Fall asleep outside
  21. Go camping
  22. Go Skiing/Snow boarding
  23. Build a snow fort
  24. Be an extra in a movie
  25. Get a midnight kiss on new years
  26. Go horseback riding
  27. Go cliff jumping
  28. Bungee Jump
  29. Have sex in as many countries possible
  30. Milk a cow
  31. Bike across a bridge
  32. Ride a mechanical bull
  33. Throw a successful surprise party
  34. Just Travel the freakin world

I know the list is random, but these are the things i want to do for myself. If i can accomplish these things within a lifetime, i’ll be happy. Anyways, thinking of all the things i want to do made me wonder about the things that i have done. So i made a list for that too.

  1. Touched a stingray, shark, snake, goat, crab, starfish, and other critters
  2. Rode a pony on a beach
  3. Attended weddings
  4. Went hiking and saw the sunset
  5. Kissed a girl
  6. Kissed a boy
  7. Almost had sex in a car
  8. Donated my hair
  9. Gave blood
  10. Seduced an older guy (without trying, oh yeah!)
  11. Got over my fear of dogs
  12. Told everyone in my family, individually, that i love them
  13. Been stuck in a broken down car for hours
  14. Gotten Road/car help from a total stranger
  15.  Won the break up (Twice,score!)
  16. Saw a taping of a show (The Daily Show to be exact)
  17. Appreciated a sunrise and sunset
  18. Made an amazing best friend, and also made a guy best friend
  19. Made Dean’s List
  20. Ran through a sprinkler
  21. Made a snowman
  22. Drew on a blacktop with chalk
  23. Been crushed on by a guy before he realized hes gay
  24. Danced in front of a crowd
  25. Made a silent film
  26. Carved my initials into a rock
  27. Fell off a skateboard
  28. Rode almost every ride at Six Flags
  29. Was there when my best friend found out she was pregnant( as a teen, not a good moment)
  30. There with my best friend when she told her boyfriend she cheated(it was just a kiss, not the pregnancy)
  31. Attended multiple Jonas Brother Concerts(in the process saw Demi Lovato, Jordan Sparks, and Jessie James)
  32. Had a friend with Benefits ( yet i am still a virgin, go figure)
  33. Done a front flip
  34. Played the saxophone
  35. Went to Bangladesh

I am missing a lot. But point is, I’ve done more than i realized. Basically i want to cross things off my to do list, and add to my have done list. To do that, i have to not die. So here’s to  2014, and the rest of my life. I may feel lost at times, but I’ve got this.